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Google can’t find you!!! SEO Page RankTips


March 29 2008

  • improving page rank, website enhancements #1 Help Google and other top search engines find you, you have a great site and it cost you lots of money or maybe you designed it yourself, now what….? You could sit back and wait for all the clicks to come through, but for how long do you wait? When do you decide to take the next step?
  • buzz word, smm, social media marketing, high volume Some websites have been up for years, maybe even have seen a peak than just dropped off the radar, what happened, why did the website page rank slow down? Perhaps your web site has not even started to gain in popularity yet?
  • There is no real secret, pretty is as pretty does, you code needs to be as good as your site, as good as your content and that doesn’t happen without a little TLC!
  • social media internet marketing Page optimization is a simple structure of coding, make sure your link text, or anchor text as well as your URL, Title and Description contains your main keywords. It sounds a lot harder than it is, just keep in mind two things;
  • 1) Know your content and your client well; this comes from analyzing research data or data mining.
    2) Build it and they will come, follow through, follow through and more follow through.
  • Content and constant updates, the more time you spend the more quality rich your content will become.
  • bolgs, forums, stumbleupon Keep your landing page consistent to a theme, a keyword or phrase that, not only is relevant to your content, but is consistent to what you are drawing internet users to your site for. Make different landing pages optimized for different, though still relevant, keywords.
  • social media marketing Remember to keep your code clear, clean, W3 Standard, with no spamming. Nothing kills a Web site faster than landing pages that are not relevant to keywords, or for that matter what the end user is really looking for!
  • marketing campaing momentum, analysis Now that you have the page optimized, you are not done, you are never done……..……Submit it!!
  • Do some more research, get to know your visitors and then……….Re-optimize.
  • design develope your marketing strategies The more you optimize, market and update the faster you will be found in the data bases of search engines and the faster you are found the faster you will get to the page rank, #1.

Happy Coding

Colette Thompson has been immersed in the internet since the early 1990’s, with certificates in Business Management, Web Design & Consumer Behavior, she is the lead Analytics Consultant at BR Thompson Co. WebSite Management at